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Workshops, Online Courses & Taster Sessions: Online Courses

This guide gives information and access to the Learning Services Online Courses, workshops and Taster Sessions



How are the courses managed?

  1. Some of the courses are for University of Suffolk students and staff only, as they use University of Suffolk software or require University of Suffolk accounts. The courses which are University of Suffolk only are clearly labelled "University of Suffolk Only". The other courses are available to all.
  2. A number of the courses are tutor lead, therefore, these have set start and end dates. These are clearly labelled "Tutor Led", and will include the start and end dates, and a sign up form. The other courses are student led, and self paced.

What do I get for completing the course?

Inline with our face to face workshops, as recognition of successfully completing the online course you will be awarded a certificate and open badge as recognition of the skills and knowledge you have acquired. More information around this is provided below.

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Course Types

Course Types

Our online courses are based around two structures, these are:

Tutor Led

Our tutor led online courses have date restrictions, they start and finish at specific times.  For these courses you need to register your interest in participating, you will then receive a username and password.

Student Led

Our student led online courses are free and open for anyone to participate in.  You can self register and undertake the course at your own pace, starting and finishing when you chose.

Whilst browsing through the available courses you will notice they are identified as Tutor or Student Led by the icons below:

New Online Courses

Use the 'padlet' below to make a suggestion for new workshops and online courses.