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Ipswich Library User Guide: FAQs

Using the Library

Standard Loan  10p per day
Short Loan 50p per day
DVDs 50p per day
Locker keys 50p per day

Maximum Charge = £5.00

This is the maximum you will be charged for one overdue item

For more information click here

Go to the Library catalogue and enter your University of Suffolk student or staff number in the box on the right-hand side of the screen:

From here you can check what you have on loan, make reservations, renew items, create lists, rate items and look at your loan history.

Reservations can be collected during library opening hours. They are shelved to the left handside of the library helpdesk. The books will remain on the shelves for 7 days. To find your reservation you will need the first three letters of your surname and the last four digits of your student number - for example John Smith, s123456 will be shelved under SMI...3456. Books are reserved alphabetically and then numerically. Once you have retrieved your item(s) from the reservation shelves, you need to borrow them through the self-issue kiosks. For more information click here

If you have lost or think you have returned a book, please let us know at the library help desk. We will take your details, the details of the lost item and explain the process we will be taking in the next few days. We will also  check the shelves while you are still with us to make sure it has not appeared and been shelved in the library.

We will then look for the item for the next two days. This will include 6 searches in total. We strongly urge you to do the same and search any places you have been while in possession of the item. After theses searches, if we are unable to find the book, we will add the replacement cost to your library account, plus a £2.50 admin fee. Please be aware that until this amount is paid, or that a payment plan is arranged, we will have to place a block on your account. This means you will be unable to take out any books or access any e-resources.

If you should wish, you may replace the lost item with a new or very good condition copy. If this is the case, please bring the item to the library helpdesk and we will be able to waiver the replacement costs.

An email will be sent the same day that you let us know to cover all of the above.

Although you may be away on placement for several weeks or months at a time you will still need to access and use library resources in order to support your research.

Before you go

Renew your Library books - remember to return any items you have finished with and renew those you wish to continue using.
If you can not issue a book to your account through the self help kiosks, please take the book to the Library Helpdesk. It may be a problem with the book or a note on your account that we need to draw your attention to. Most of the time the issue can be sorted out at the Helpdesk within a few minutes.

Library Access

This is a reciprocal agreement between Higher Education libraries across the UK and Ireland which allows many university library users to borrow or use books and journals at other libraries belonging to the scheme.

To use the libraries of other institutions, you must first complete the on-line application form. Once your application is approved you will receive an email confirming this and introducing you to your chosen host library/libraries. This is only valid for a short period and if you don’t use it, you will need to reapply.

You should take a copy of this e-mail along with your University of Suffolk ID card when you go to the library you want to visit. You will then be issued with a library card for that institution.

To qualify for SCONUL Access you must be a registered University of Suffolk student or staff member in 'good standing' (i.e. having no debts at your home library and not having seriously infringed their rules).


We have a range of study spaces all with IT facilities. The areas are zoned using a 'traffic lights' scheme indicating noise levels and behaviours appropriate for each area.

Click here for more information on study spaces
If you are working in a designated quiet or silent study area, and someone near you is not behaving appropriately please tell a member of staff on the helpdesk or text us anonymously on: 07921 234256.

University of Suffolk Ipswich Library offers two levels of free access to visitors and external borrowers. These are:

  •  General access to desktop IT facilities, e.g. Microsoft Word and Internet
  •  full walk-in user access to our licenced e-Resources for personal research use

It is advisable to contact the Library before your visit to discuss your requirements and how to obtain a visitor's pass to access the Library Building.

Please note, we can only provide guest IT use within our core service hours. Please look here for our Opening Hours.


To obtain general IT and Wi-Fi access - to enable you to log in on to your own institution's resources, web-based email and other desktop software, please ask for one at Waterfront Reception when you sign in for your visitor and access pass.

Accessing e-Resources

University of Suffolk e-Resources are generally available for personal research. Access is made available in line with publisher licencing and authorised use for 'walk-in users'.

Access will only be available within the Library, and is only for 1 working day, and only accessible once the Walk in user agreement for e-Resources has been completed and signed.

A username and password will be available from the Library helpdesk once the form is completed.

Walk in agreement.
This is an online, interactive tutorial and will take approximately 10 minutes to complete. This tutorial aims to introduce participants to key search tools and relevant databases. The skills dveloped will also allow participants to utilise standard search techniques, whilst understanding the different types of information available to them.

Knowing where to look online tutorial

If you have misplaced something while you have been in the library, please check with the Library Helpdesk whether it has been handed in to the Library Lost Property. 

You can also call: 01473 338700 or email.

Please note
After 1 week all Library lost property will be transported to the University of Suffolk Lost Property office over at the Waterfront reception

Inter Library Resource Requests

Resource requests allow us to borrow books or receive copies of articles or chapters from other institutions and organisations around the UK. If the library doesn’t own a book or article you would like to use the we will try and source it for you.
Click here for more infomation

If you wish to renew an item please try and let us know at least a week prior to the due date. You can call, e-mail or come and see us in person at the Library helpdesk.
The cost of a renewal is £4.55 for an additional five weeks and this will be added to your library account once we have confirmation the renewal has been successful.

We can’t guarantee that we will always be able to renew an item as sometimes it may have been requested by another library.

We will inform you if we are unable to renew an item and you will be expected to return the item on time.


The classmark or shelfmark will tell you where to find a book on the shelves. You can find out an items shelf mark by looking on the library catalogue.
Click to find out more about the system we use
Please complete the form via the link below:

Stock Suggestion Form
If you find a book on your reading list that isn’t available in the Library please call (01473 338700), e-mail or come and speak to us in person at the Library Helpdesk and we will do our best to order a copy ASAP.


All images included in this guide are available through Creative Commons licensing CC-BY-2.0