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Library information - Ipswich: Access and Accessibility

Accessing the Library Building

Accessing the Library Building

The Library Building is at the North Campus, close to Long Street University Car Park. 

The building is only accessible with a student, staff or visitor access card. The main entrance to the Library Building is via accessible automatic doors, activated by your access card and then a set of secure card activated gates. 

The library is on the 1st floor which can be accessed via 2 flights of stairs and two sets of manually opening double doors or a lift that will bring you directly into the library from the ground floor. 


There are two set of toilets found in the library building, both with an accessible toilet. The first set can be found on the Ground Floor of the Building. The second set is within the Library itself opposite the Digital Learning team space. 

Health and Safety

Fire and Emergency 

The stairwell for the main entrance of the library entrance is a designated refuge point, with an emergency call point installed. The library also has a number of emergency evacuation chairs. 

Our Staff 

All of our Library Assistants are Floor Clearance Officers, and undertake fire awareness training on an annual basis. We are able to safely evacuate any persons via the emergency evacuation chairs. 

We have a number of trained First Aiders present in the Library during core working hours and have a Security team on campus 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These staff members are also all trained in First Aid and Fire & Emergency procedures. 


Contact Us

Contact Us

If you would like to talk to someone about accessing the Library or require assistance, please contact us at the library helpdesk to discuss. 

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