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This guide gives information and access to the Learning Services Online Courses, workshops and Taster Sessions


Welcome to the Workshops, Online Courses & Taster Session page

Welcome to this workshop and  online course area provided by the Learning Services Team at University of Suffolk. The aim of this site is to provide an effective learning experience online which mirrors our highly effective face to face workshops. This will allow students and staff at University of Suffolk more flexibility within developing their study skills.

Use the menu above to access all the workshop information and to browse our online courses and taster sessions. Alternatively, select a workshop below to book your place.



Do you prefer face-to-face workshops or online courses?
Face-to-face: 329 votes (73.27%)
Online: 120 votes (26.73%)
Total Votes: 449

More Support

Where else can I get online support?

The online courses and taster sessions complement our other online support material. We have a number of key online support guides.