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You Said We Did 19/20: Support

Transforming the Student Experience


You said

  • There are not enough one-to-one appointments for Academic support 
  • Make support staff more visible
  • There is a lack of statistical support 
  • You would like us to tailor workshops more and not re-use general slide sets 

We did

  • Two new Academic Skills advisers have been appointed, one aligned to to the school Health and Sports Sciences
  • We have increased our Academic and Study skills drop in's. There are now 1 each of these drop in's per week on Wednesdays. These are also now held in the library next to our Helpdesk, so should be much easier for you to find. 
  • Our new Maths and Statistics advisor, Depy, has three open door hours per week on Monday's, Wednesday's and Thursday's from 3-4pm. Just ask at the helpdesk where you can find her.
  • We have increased our 'in-course' delivery this year running 240 workshops. This should mean that there are more tailored workshops happening as part of your lectures and less generic workshops taking place.