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Academic Literacy

Academic Literacy refers to the critical thinking, reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills learned within the academic society. Academic literacy allows an individual to effectively establish communication within all areas of their academic environment. 

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Full list of Databases the library subscribes to, including trial access.
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PASS: Read about our Micro-Placements peer learning research
Brightspace Update for Staff: February 2020 - Using Rubrics
In February, our CPD will cover the use of rubrics in Brightspace. To make it easier to make a rubric, we’ve released an updated way of creating them, which makes the process much simpler.
PASS: Three Tips from one of our PASS Leaders
Our PASS Leaders do more than just facilitate sessions for L4 students, they also have the opportunity to engage in other activities allowing them to contribute to student engagement such as blog writing...
Brightspace Update for Staff: January 2020 - Data at your fingertips
It's a new year, and we've got a new little feature for staff... This blog post tells you all about the data you have available for how students are interacting with your module.
The annual European PASS (Peer Assisted Student Success) Conference at the University of Loughborough
At the beginning of November 2019, our PASS Adviser and one of our student PASS Leaders attended the three-day PASS Conference at Loughborough University.
Library and Learning Services’ Day Out to The Suffolk Records Office
Brightspace October Updates
Brightspace Update: The 'D2L Connection' event in Dublin
Last week, one of our Digital Learning team popped along to Dublin for the 'D2L Connection' event. Here's a little Brightspace update for you.
Service Response and Impact - August 2019
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