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International Student Support: International Students

Welcome to all International Students

This guide provides information to help you access language support during your time here at the University of Suffolk. The Department of Learning Services aims to support your studies in an English speaking environment and to make your experience here as enjoyable and productive as possible.   

Useful resources

Get Ahead International

One day study skills workshop for international students who are preparing for study at the University of Suffolk.

Find out more at:


University of Suffolk - Support for International Students

Language Support

All international students are offered the chance to take a short (45 minute) diagnostic assessment in the form of a mini-essay task. Students will be given individual feedback on their academic writing and English language, which is followed by discussion of an individual learning program to address areas for development.

Get Ahead

In addition, international students are invited to book onto a one day Get Ahead International course, which introduces some important introductory skills to get started with studying at university. This course will introduce key areas surrounding university life, first assignments, researching, using the library, and managing time efficiently in an independent learning environment.

Study Skills

International students are encouraged to make use of the regular study skills workshops that are offered by Learning Services and take place in Library Room L107. Details of these workshops and bookings are available through the Learning Services workshop pages.

One to one support

International students are able to book individual one to one support with a skills adviser to discuss English for academic purposes, academic writing and study skills. Our aim is to support your success with assignments on both an individualised and integrated basis.

For further enquiries contact: Chrissie DaCosta – or Mark Illman - / or drop in to Learning Services Helpdesk (Ask ?) in the library for a chat.


Studying in the UK

Watch a video discussing some of the reasons for studying in the UK and how this can enhance your employability.

Appointments for language support

If you would like help with English language for your academic studies then you can book a one to one tutorial using our online booking system. Just follow the link to schedule an appointment and select a day and a time when you would like to meet.

Bring along any work that you would like to discuss. This could include:

  • The assignment brief

  • Feedback from your tutors

  • Examples of your writing

  • Essay plans, outlines, or drafts

  • Any other questions relating to English language and academic study

Help can be given with understanding the task, essay structure and planning, English grammar, punctuation, academic writing style, reading and research, and referencing information. You are allowed to book up to one hour of support per week.

Alternatively, you can contact any of the following:

Learning Services Issue Desk - 01473 338700

Infozone - 01473 338833

Chrissie Dacosta (Academic Skills Adviser)


Mark Illman (Academic Skills Adviser)




Grammar Cafe

Grammar Cafe. Interactive language/study skills activities for students on the go. A series of short language quizzes to develop your academic skills, all delivered in a refreshingly fun format. You can select one of the activities below and finish it in the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee:

Synonyms Activity

Paraphrasing Activity

Definite article Activity

Talking Grammar Activity

Proofreading Activity

Erasmus Students


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