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Online Tutorial


Welcome to the 'Introduction to Critical Writing' online tutorial

The Task

Students often receive feedback that their work is ‘too descriptive, with not enough analysis’ and receive lower than desirable grades for this. This online tutorial promotes skills and provides useful, practical strategies to use in academic assignments that will enhance participant’s abilities to demonstrate critical analysis.  The development of effective critical/analytical skills is not only an important underpinning skill for academic work but also an important & useful transferrable life skill post University of Suffolk.

This resource is primarily aimed at Level 4 students.


The aim of the tutorial is to increase the participant’s ability to analyse, examine, reflect, compare/contrast, discuss & write critically.  Participants will also develop skills & understanding in identifying arguments, analytical reasoning & the synthesis of information.

Learning Outcomes

Students will be able to identify and distinguish between descriptive and critical content

Students will be able to apply linguistic and functional strategies for producing critical content in their own writing

Students will be able to improve the balance between descriptive and critical content in their written assignments

Information Literacies Competencies

B.14 Identify, interpret and synthesise relevant points from an information source.

B.18 Incorporate the information found into the assignment topic using appropriate methods,
e.g. essay, presentation, report, etc.

B.19 Reflect on their own research process to identify its strengths and weaknesses and alternative strategies for the future.

Employability Skills

1.2 (Review and critically reflect on progress).

7.1 (Reading, selecting, analysing & synthesising information).

7.2 (Producing different types of document).

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