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Microsoft Teams

How to use Microsoft Teams 


1. Use Microsoft Teams for an online appointment with Library and Learning Services

Microsoft Teams can be used for your Academic Skills appointments and your Information Literacy appointments. This means you can access staff remotely and share your work effectively. 

To book an appointment with an Academic Skills Advisor or Learning and Teaching Librarian, please head to our booking page and select 'Microsoft Teams/Skype appointment' when booking your appointment. 


2. Start using Microsoft Teams with your peers

Microsoft Teams works best when you are using it with friends, classmates, and peers. If you are working on a group project, why not discuss your project on teams? Sharing documents and editing work is stress-free when using Microsoft Teams. 


3. Stay organised with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams syncs with your Office 365 account. This means that your calendar can be viewed and edited whilst you are chatting to colleagues and staff. 


4. Tips and Tricks

  • It's common to miss what was said by the person you are calling. Do not worry - please feel free to ask your advisor to repeat or perhaps type their message in the chat window. 

  • Meetings with University of Suffolk staff can also be recorded on Microsoft Teams. So, if you would like to refer back to the advice and support received during your appointment, please ask the advisor. 

  • Microsoft Teams allows us to communicate through video, audio, and instant message. There is no 'preferred way', only with what you feel comfortable with.

  • Microsoft Teams is similar to many social media platforms where users can 'like' messages. Give this a go - perhaps share a gif or a sticker!