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Specialist Support from Learning Services: Access & Accessibility

Access & Accessiblity


Access & Accessibility

Learning Services is committed to providing equality of access to services and facilities, and to the development of an inclusive environment for all users and staff. We aim to offer assistance and support wherever possible to any user who is deaf, has a disability or specific learning difficulty.

Accessing the Library building and gaining entrance to the Library

The Library building is on the North Campus and the building is only accessible with swipe card access. There are no sliding doors for the building, so access is via a manually opened door.
The main entrance to the Library is on the first floor. There is a lift which will bring you directly into the Library from the ground floor.

The only toilets are on the ground floor of the Library Building. There is an accessible toilet, which can only be used if you have a Radar key. Alternatively you can borrow a Radar key from the Student's Union Office.

If you anticipate trouble parking or gaining access to the Library please contact the Library Helpdesk by email or on 01473 338700.


Disabled Parking can be found in the University of Suffolk car park and also directly behind the Waterfront building. For disabled parking behind the Waterfront building, turn right after the pedestrian crossing, and then the first right into Coprolite Street. THe Waterfront Building will be on the right, with disabled parking available beside it.

Health and safety

We want to ensure the safety of all our library customers while they are in this building, and members of the Library team are trained in health and safety and emergency first aid.
The stairwell for the main library entrance is a designated refuge point, with an emergency call point installed. The Library also has an emergency evacuation chair. Members of the team are trained as both Floor Clearance Officers and in the safe evacuation of disabled people.

If you have a PEEP (Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan) that you need to share with the Library team, please contact Kim Berry.

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