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Apprenticeship Learning Support

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Library and Learning Services are here to help you succeed in your Functional Skills examinations. To help you prepare for a Functional Skills exam in English and/or Maths, the university will enroll you on the e-learning platform BKSB.

BKSB will allow you to develop your knowledge and skills in Functional Skills English and Maths through a personalised programme of study. You will be able to study at your own pace. 

This guide provides information on: 

  • Accessing BKSB
  • Functional Skills Diagnostic Assessment
  • Expectations​
  • BKSB Support


Accessing BKSB

Your Functional Skills programme will be accessed through the BKSB e-learning platform. 

After the first two weeks of your course, Library and Learning Services will register your student email and name on BKSB. 

Once enrolment is complete, the Library and Learning Services team will invite you to complete an initial assessment to determine your strengths and areas for development in English and/or Maths. 

You can access BKSB here. 


Functional Skills Diagnostic Assessment 

You will receive an email from the Library and Learning Services team that provides information on both BKSB and the diagnostic assessment. This assessment is designed to gauge your current understanding of Functional Skills English and/or Mathematics. 

Once you have completed the diagnostic assessment, Library and Learning Services will contact you to discuss the personalised journey you will take in completing BKSB modules in English and/or Maths. 

Issues with BKSB? Please email: 



Remember, using BKSB regularly helps the university understand how you are progressing with Functional Skills. If you are inactive on BKSB, your Apprenticeship Skills Coach and employer may highlight this in your tripartite review meetings. 


BKSB Support

As you work through the BKSB course material, you may experience issues in using the e-learning platform.

We recommend contacting the Library and Learning Services team by emailing: