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Presentation - ATK

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1:1 bookable appointments can be made with your Academic Skills Advisers for your subject area.

Students from Ipswich can book two appointments per week (if you are a student from the Learning Network, please contact your library) - 

  • up to 1 hour with an Academic Skills Advisor

Appointments are scheduled in 30 minute slots.  

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Once you've decided what content you will include in your presentation as well as the software or computer programme you will use to support it, you will need to consider the layout (Text, Alignment, Flow) of your slides/visual aids. 

For more specific guidance on visual aspects, such as using colour, images, etc.

Consider the following checklist when considering the style and size of the font you use in your presentation design:


 For example:


Alignment helps to unify and organise design elements of your presentation slides.  Aligned elements are perceived to be connect or related because the eye tends to see imaginary lines between them. 

The following checklist provides more guidance on the benefits of appropriate alignment in slides:

For example:


Establishing a clear and organised flow is an important component of the design and creation of your presentation. Without a clear flow structure, the audience may find if difficult to follow your message and they could lose out on your presentation purpose and objectives.

Ultimately, the flow of your presentation should connect from beginning to end and demonstrate an appropriate theme that ties all the objectives together- allowing you to come full circle and end where you began.

Some issue to consider with regard to flow include:


Determining whether your presentation flows often becomes apparent when you rehearse your material.