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Presentation - ATK

Visual Aspects

This section deals solely with the detailed design and content of the slides and their creation.

There are a number of visual effects you can use to enhance your presentation slides/visual aids, including the use of colour, images, graphics and video. within the design process.  Whilst presentation software and other programmes allow for endless, creative possibilities, it is worth noting that less is usually more and one of the best pieces of advice is to keep it simple!  

With regard to utilising colour and contrast features within presentation tools, consider the following checklist to ensure more effective results:

checklist colour

For example:



Use images rather than text or rows of figures


Make sure any graphics and pictures are meaningful



Consider introducing video clips



Other slide design considerations


  • Try not to use more than six words per bullet
  • Use no more than six bullets per slide
  • For every six text slides in a row, use a slide containing a graphic or media content.

Animations and Transitions

  • Slide titles should NOT be animated
  • Use the same animation effect throughout the presentation
  • Use a fade effect on bullets so that previous bullets are de-emphasised

The following video provides five rules for more effective presentation design: