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Presentation - ATK

Do I understand the criteria

There are some practical issues to keep in mind when starting to prepare your presentation.  You will need to consider the requirements and/or guidelines given to you, as failure to follow directions is likely considered easily avoidable and therefore unlikely to be excused with regard to marking. 

Common practical issues to weigh when preparing your presentation include:puzzlepres

  • How long should the presentation last
  • Is there a requirement to use visual presentation software (e.g. Powerpoint, Prezi, etc.)
  • Are you required to provide handouts
  • How many references are needed
  • Types of information formats to use and cite (e.g. books, journals, websites, etc.)
  • Referencing style required 
    (Referencing Support)
  • Are you going to be working in groups or independently

The practical criteria for your essay should be made available through your course modules or tutors.