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Presentation - ATK

Effective Searching

Searching for information is a common challenge and source of frustration for students looking for the materials they need to develop a presentation.  Along with the previous section, it is important to develop a search strategy to apply to your assignment.

You can save time and effort simply by taking a few moments to think about what information you need and how you plan to look for it.  By creating a successful search strategy you are likely to find more relevant results which can enhance the quality of your assignment or research. 

Search Strategies

There are numerous tips and strategies for searching available on the UCS Library website under How to Search - Search Strategy Tips.  Some notable tips include:

  • Identifying keywords and concepts to use as the basis for your search terms
  • Clarifying the definitions of words and concepts within your presentation question or assignment criteria you are unsure of.  Often, looking up the definition will provide you with additional keywords that may be useful to use in your search
  • Consider that there may be synonyms and alternate spellings related to the terms you are using in your search.  Using a thesaurus or dictionary to find related words to utilise in your search and consider the possibility of spelling differences in British and American English.
  • Combine your search terms logically by using Boolean Operators
    • Boolean operators are words such as "and," "or," and "not" that can either widen or narrow your search results.

                        AND                                                OR                                             NOT