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1:1 bookable appointments can be made with your Academic Skills Advisers for your subject area.

Students from Ipswich can book two appointments per week (if you are a student from the Learning Network, please contact your library) - 

  • up to 1 hour with an Academic Skills Advisor

Appointments are scheduled in 30 minute slots.  

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First impressions are powerful.  The first two-three minutes of the presentation are the most important.  Don't waste time rambling on too long about superfluous background information of personal/professional history.

The three rules of structuring presentations are:introchartpres

1.Tell them what you are going to tell them: 

The Introduction
    This is the opportunity to get the audience's attention.

  • Introduce yourself and the topic you are going to speak about.
  • Inform the audience if you plan to give them an opportunity at the end of your presentation for questions in order to avoid interruptions during your delivery.
  • Welcome participation during the presentation if otherwise appropriate

2. Tell them: 
The Body
    This is the main part of your presentation and therefore should be allocated the most time. 

  • Present your objectives or themes
  • Pose questions related to your objectives
  • Develop and make clear your assertions regarding your objectives
  • Provide evidence and/or explanations to support your objectives

3. Tell them what you told them 
The Conclusion
     This should include a brief summary of what you have talked about.

  • Address any unanswered questions related to your objectives
  • Leave your audience with something to think about or an action to take
  • Thank the audience for their attention and ask for questions
  • Use what you learned in preparing for the presentation to answer and questions or clarify issues.