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Report- ATK

Submitting your essay

Many courses in Learn are using the Assignment Tool to allow online submission of your work.

The following guidelines will allow you to submit your assignments for the Modules you are undertaking within your degree programme.

  1. Access Learn ( - and access the module where you need to submit your assignment to. If the module is not showing you will need to speak to your module tutor to ensure you are enrolled correctly.
  2. Locate the assignment submission point which will normally be located in the area named Assessments (on the left hand side of the computer screen).
  3. Read any Assessment Criteria and Assignment Submission Guidelines that your tutor may have posted as guidance.
  4. If there are sub-folders present navigate to the topic folder for the assignment you are submitting.
  5. Ensure you have followed the assignment instructions, for instance, used the correct file format, marking criteria references, etc.
  6. Important: 
    1. You will usually be required to submit just one file, but sometimes two, or more, files may need to be submitted – refer to the assignment criteria.
    2. Ensure you are using the correct file format. Even though the software will let you submit a range of file formats, most staff at University of Suffolk will use Microsoft Word. You must submit in the file format required by the assignment criteria.
  7. To confirm you are submitting your work via the Assignment Tool you should see the following image in the Assessments area:
  8. To submit your file, click on the assignment name which is located to the right of the Assignment Tool image – a new page will open.
  9. Click on Browse My Computer.
  10. Navigate to the file you wish to submit and click Open.
  11. You will see the file listed in the Attached files list.
  12. If more than one file are required to be submitted follow steps 9 and 10 again.
  13. There is also a Comments box into which you may write comments that you may feel you need to make to your tutor as part of the submission process.
  14. Now click Submit.
  15. Once the document has successfully been submitted a green information bar will appear at the top of the screen giving you notification of a successful upload.
  16. Currently there is no email notification of your successful submission, we recommend you either print the page with the green information bar or take a screen capture of it
  17. Alternatively, if you are unsure if your submission worked, you can click on the assessment link again, if you were successful you will see