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Good housekeeping – finding that book

by Craig Martin on 2018-11-23T11:34:00+00:00 in Learning Services | Comments

I am part of the evening and weekend team and one of my many duties is to ensure that book sections are kept tidy and the books are in a useable condition.

  • I regularly check the books to ensure they are in the correct number order, using the Dewey Decimal System.
  • As a team we also ensure that the standard loan copy – (green label) is positioned before a short loan copy – (yellow label) and then followed by the reference copy – (red label) within the same section of copies.

Before tidying

  • Keeping the books tidy ensures visitors to the library find what they are looking for if the publication is available in a quick and easy accessible manner.
  • Staff are able to find reserved books easily, therefore, speeding up the process providing you with a timely and efficient service.
  • The library services team are able to see how the stock is displayed within the allocated sections. This helps to identify which stock needs updating and moving to accommodate new purchases.

After tidying

If you find a book misplaced on the shelf, to help the staff out please place any books on the black trolleys at the end of isle – We are here to put the books away so the books are available for you to find!


Mark Dua
Library Assistant

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