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University of Suffolk and the Learning Network Users Guide: Charges, fines and lost books

Charges, fines and lost books

Charges, fines and lost books

Policies at our libraries

Each Library has its own policies for charging fines and processes for replacing lost books. Key things to remember are:

  • The fines and fees for any items returned late or lost will be added to your library account at the centre where you borrowed the items. This may not be your usual library.
  • It is common practice for items which are in higher demand to have higher fine rates. This is to try and encourage you to return them on time so that as many people as possible can access them.
  • Each library will send you reminders that an item needs to be returned or renewed. These will primarily by email, and sent to your institutional email address. You may also receive letters to the registered home address in the institutional record for you. Please make sure you keep this up to date.

Finally, remember, if there are ever any reasons why you can't get a book back to us on time, please talk to us. We will always do what we can to help and support you.