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University of Suffolk and the Learning Network Users Guide: Our collections

UCS centre libraries collections

Each University of Suffolk centre has its own library. It is our policy that each centre should provide resources needed for each course provided at that centre. These resources are made available through the online catalogue for each centre.
This will mean that on occasion, while you can visit each of the other libraries, you may not find the resources you need for your course at the centre you visit. We recommend that prior to visiting a centre library you take time to search their resources to check the relevance of their collection.

In addition to print resources University of Suffolk has a large, and growing collection of electronic resources. These are available to all University of Suffolk staff and students and include journal articles, newspaper articles and eBooks.  You can access this material through Discovery.

You can also access streamed television and radio programmes through Box of Broadcasts, access this resource through the A-Z list of eresources or use the link below.

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