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Creating durable links: E-Book links

How to create stable links to use in your LearnUCS modules

eBook links

How to create links to eBooks & eBook chapters

This page shows you how to create links to whole eBooks or specific eBook chapters/sections for our two main eBook platforms Dawsonera and Ebrary


Dawsonera eBooks

  1. Find the eBook you would like to create a link to
  2. Select Read online (if using the library catalogue) or Full text online (if using Summon), this will take you through to Dawsonera and open the eBook
  3. Copy the URL from the browser address bar

​The Dawsonera links already contain the required University of Suffolk proxy so can be shared as they are to ensure off-campus access

Dawsonera eBook chapters

From the abstract page of a Dawsonera eBook you can copy chapter links

  1. Go to the 'Table of contents' section' near the bottom of the page
  2. Hover the mouse over the chapter you would like to link to and 'right click' to copy the link

Sometimes you may want to link to a different page and this can also be done using a similar method described above

  1. First you will need to click read online to access the eBook and find the page you would like to create the link to
  2. Then add /startPage/ and the page number link to the end of the URL.  e.g:

It may take a few attempts to link to the correct page as the number in the URL will be different to the page number of the eBook.


Ebook Central

Ebook Central

  1. Find the eBook you would like to create a link to
  2. Select Read me (if using the library catalogue) or Full text online (if using Summon), this will take you through to Ebook Central and will open the eBook
  3. Next select Read online
  4. At the top of the next page you should see a link icon click this to open a pop out box displaying the link
  5. Copy the link
  6. Finally you will need to paste the link into the off-campus URL creator to create a stable link (this will ensure students are able to access the title off-campus)

Ebook Central eBook chapters

To create links to a specific chapter/page within an eBook use the same method as above

After step 3 locate and view the specific page you would like to link to then continue to follow the above guidance from step 4.