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Digitised materials: What Happens Next?

How to request digitised sections for your Brightspace modules, and the facts around allowances

What happens next?

What happens next?

After your request is received we do the following:

  • We check to ensure the library owns a copy of the source material (book or journal issue)
  • We check with the CLA to ensure the title is covered for scanning (under the terms of our institutional license)
  • We check the Brightspace module to ensure no other scans from the same source material are already being used
  • Providing all is well we then scan and upload the section to the CLA content store (an online repository where we store our readings)
  • A link to the section is then sent to the requester, or is uploaded to a specified module location

We aim to complete these tasks in a timely manner. However, during peak times we will require sufficient advance notice to ensure readings are prepared for the required period.