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Ipswich Library User Guide: Computers, Wifi & Printing (IT Helpdesk)



Computers, WiFi & Printing 

WiFi - Eduroam

If you are a member of staff or student studying at University of Suffolk then you are eligible to use the Eduroam service. Eduroam is a free global internet access service for the Higher Education and Research community. 

Use your University of Suffolk username and password to gain free wireless Internet access. Get free internet access with your University of Suffolk username and password at over 5,800 participating institutions in 60 countries. Once your device is configured, seamlessly connect at participating institutions without having to re-enter your University of Suffolk username and password. 

Visitors from other (eduroam participating) institutions to gain free Internet access at the University of Suffolk Ipswich Campus, using their own institutions credentials.

To login to the WiFi on your own device you will need to turn on your WiFi connection. When it asks you to pick the connection please select Eduroam.

Use your usual University of Suffolk login, and follow it with  This is not your University of Suffolk email address.  For example, if your University of Suffolk login is s123456, then your eduroam login is  For the password, use your normal University of Suffolk password.  If you are prompted for the Domain you may leave this blank only the username and password fields are required.

You should now be connected to the Eduroam service.

For more information regarding the setup of the WiFi on different types of computers please visit the IT Helpdesk.


  Single Sided Double Sided
Black & White A4 5p 8p
Black & White A3 10p 18p
Colour A4 25p 48p
Colour A3 50p 98p


For more information on printing, copying or scanning please go to the IT Helpdesk.

The first time you use the printer or if you received a new studnet card you will need to associate your University of Suffolk identification card with your University of Suffolk login. 

  • To complete this, first register your identification card by presenting printer's card reader as shown below.  The reader is located to the right hand side of the printer's screen.
  • New users to the system will be notified that your card is unknown and that you need to associate your card with your account. 
  • Select OK, and enter your University of Suffolk staff username and password: do not click login at this point: place your identification card to the reader to complete the enrollment process. Click OK to return to login screen.  To login place your identification card to the reader.

If you receive an error message please ensure you are entering your correct credentials prior to contacting the IT Services help desk. 

For more information look HERE.

When you enrol as a student at University of Suffolk you are credited with £10.00. 
If you need to top this up you can do so at the money loader machine located in the library (a further one is available on the waterfront ground floor). The money loader machines take coins, notes and card payments. 

Alternatively you can top up your credit using PayPal (from on campus only)

We hold guest photocopy cards at the library issue desk which can be preloaded with money using the money loaders.
We are not able to refund any money which remain unused on these cards. Alternatively, please ask the library helpdesk staff to help print off your documents; staff will print off your work and charge you.


All images included in this guide are available through Creative Commons licensing CC-BY-2.0