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University of Suffolk at West Suffolk College: Charges, Fines & Lost Books

Library fines and charges

Charges, fines and lost books

As a service we want to support you in your studies, and ensure you have the best possible access to our resources.  We make library charges for the late return and loss of library materials, this is to ensure maximum availability of these resources.  If you experience any problems in returning or renewing at time, please come and talk to us.

How much?

Library fines are added to your account if you return or renew an item after its due date.  We do this to try and ensure that a person who borrows an item from the library does  not keep it indefinitely, and prevent another person from borrowing it.  These charges are added to accounts as part of our overdue policy.

The rate of the fine per day (excluding closed days) depends on the format (i.e. book or DVD) and original loan period. Short loans have higher rates as these are the books which are in higher demand and usually on a reading list. 

Standard loan 10p per day
Short loan 20p per day
2 day loan 20p per day
DVD's 20p per day

Maximum Charge = £3.00

This is the maximum you will be charged for each overdue item



It is your responsibility to ensure that your books are renewed or returned on their due date(s). The library sends out notifications to your University of Suffolk e-mail account to remind you when your books are due back. These are as follows:

Two days before your book(s) is/are due back you will receive an e-mail to your University of Suffolk e-mail account informing you that your book is due back. There will be a link in this e-mail so you can renew online. The next notice you receive will be informing you that your books have gone overdue and that you need to return or renew the item(s).  If you do not read or receive your courtesy email you will still be liable for any late fees.

You can renew online up to two days after your book has gone overdue. After this time please telephone the library 01284 716216 to renew.

After 6 days you will receive a second e-mail reminder and then a third reminder after 16 days. If you still fail to return or renew your book after this period, at 21 days you will receive an invoice for the cost of the book. If you have lost the book you will be required to pay for the full cost plus fines however, if you return the book you will only be liable for the cost of fines.

If you have any issues or problems renewing your books, then please let us know.

Lost books

If you have lost or think you have returned a book, please let us know at the library help desk.  We will take your details, the details of the lost item and explain the process we will be taking in the next few days.  We will also check the shelves whilst you are still with us to make sure it has not appeared and been shelved in the library.


We also strongly urge you to do the same and search any places you have been while in possession of the item. After the searches by us and yourself and if we are unable to find the book, we will add the replacement cost to your library account and send you an invoice for the cost of the replacement book. Please be aware that until this amount is paid, or that a payment plan is arranged, we will have to place a block on your account.  This means you will be unable to take out any books or access any e-resources.


If you wish, you may replace the lost item with a new or very good condition copy.  If this is the case, please bring the item to the library counter and we will be able to waive the replacement costs.

Paying fines

Payments by cash can be made in person at the self service kiosk or at the library counter.

If you cannot pay your fines - or have a genuine reason for not returning the item. Please come and talk to us!

Genuine reasons for not returning an item may include sickness, bereavement or a personal or family crisis. In the case of such mitigating circumstances it may be possible to waive the fines and fees. Any circumstances will need to be corroborated by a tutor or course adviser. If an item is stolen from you it may also be possible to waive fines, but the item must have been reported to the Police as part of a Crime report. If you find that you do have a large fine on your account, and have problems paying it, come and talk to us. We will arrange a payment plan, and as long as you meet the payments set out you will be able to continue borrowing.


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