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Bioscience and Biomedicine Subject Guide: Database Search Guide

Basic Search Guide

Search Guide for Sciences: Database Searching

This guide offers support using the best information sources for literature searching including books, journals and web resources

SPORTDiscus search example

his video demonstrates how to search SPORTDiscus. Search topic: Continuous versus interval training for weight loss

Databases for Science

Search help

Using the right search terms is the key to effective searching and using a thesaurus can be very helpful.
You can get better results from databases by using standard search techniques.

ScienceDirect search example

ScienceDirect is useful for searching for scientific and medical subjects. Search topic: Asthma and nutrition
Search ScienceDirect

Finding full-text journal articles

If you find a journal article citation with no direct link to full-text, try the following:

  • Proquest articles - use the links provided to navigate to the article in another database.
  • Copy and paste the article title into Summon to check across all university collections.
  • Copy and paste the article title into Google - it may be freely available on the web as an open access article.

L5, L6 and L7 students can a journal article if full-text cannot be found from any of the above sources. Books can also be requested.

Proquest search example

Proquest Central is a collection of Proquest's best used databases including Biology Database, Science Database, Science and Technology, Health and Medical Database.
Search topic: The link between diet, exercise and obesity
Search Proquest Central

PubMed Central search example

This video demonstrates how to search PubMed Central a biomedical and life sciences database. Search topic: Fasting and cell regeneration

Search PubMed Central

Searching individual journals

Use the A-Z of Journals to locate individual journals specific to your subject.

  • Usually these will include browse and search options to enable you to navigate to very focused content.
  • This search tool is particularly useful if the journal you wish to search is not included in the major databases


All images included in this guide are available from Upsplash through Creative Commons licensing CC-BY-2.0