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Information Skills: Current awareness

Welcome to Current Awareness Information

In this guide, you will learn that Journal websites will often allow you to set up email alerts based on search criteria or siSpeed of Light, Edinburgh imagemply on the publication of a new issue.

Feeds can also be set up from websites such as professional bodies.

Tools such as Zetoc also allow you to search one platform and create email alerts of RSS feeds according to your criteria. 

Many databases will now also allow you to save search strategies and will then  auto-run them and send you alerts when relevant materials have been found.

There are a range of tools which can be used to gather RSS feeds from a variety of resources into one place. these include:

Signing up to research discussion lists can allow you to receive emails relating to specific subjects and participate in discussions as they happen. 

Building networks and sharing ideas underpins research. These tools can help you get started.

There are a number of conferences and events that run.  Keep up to date by visiting the websites below:

Academic conferences worldwide

H-Net - humanities & social sciences online