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Creating a plan to structure you presentation

Planning and organisation will allow you to achieve the best potential outcome for the module you are working on. This process should help you to make efficient use of your time, avoid unnecessary repetition, clarify your thinking, and make your materials organized and accessible.

Create a timetable
It is a good idea first of all to create a time management plan (timetable) for the assignment, which should include time for:

  • Analysis of the question
  • Finding resources
  • Reading, research, and note-taking
  • Generating ideas and formulating a presentation outline plan
  • Presentation and handout design
  • Rehearsing, delivery of presentation

Before you start creating your presentation, there are some issues you should consider, such as:

  • What are your objectives?
  • Your audience
  • The venue
  • The Criteria


It is important to establish what you want to achieve by making your presentation and what you want your audience to take away with them.  Deciding on and developing your objectives will help establish the tone of your presentation and have implications for the design.  Some things to ask in order to identify the objectives of your presentation include:

  • what do you want your audience to have understood?
  • what action do you want your audience to take following the presentation?
  • how can you best design your presentation to meet your objectives?

Considering who your audience will be when you give your presentation will have implications for the content you provide, as well as the tone.  Please see the section on Presenting to your audience for more information and think about:

  • how much your audience will already know about your topic
  • how you can link new material to what they already know
  • whether you will need to win your audience over to a particular point of view

Knowing the location where you will be giving your presentation will help you plan and organise yourself.  If you are presenting in a location new to you, knowing what audio/visual technology will be available for use during your presentation will allow you to plan and prepare how you delivery your information.

You are likely to be given a set of criteria in which you must adhere to for your presentation.  Understanding these cretieria and planning your assignment accordingly will allow for a more successful outcome.  Some of the issues you should consider and plan for may include

  • the amount of time allocated to you for the presentation
  • the required format or style you are to use for the presentation
  • any set guidelines regarding the content, including predetermined title, number of slides, etc.)