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Using Notes

Regardless of the software or presentation tools you utilise (typically PowerPoint or Prezi), it is important to remember that they are designed to support your presentation and act as a visual stimulus for your audience. Presentation tools should not overshadow your message or presentation aims, they should enhance them and make the presentation more interesting. 

PowerPoint has become a standard tool for creating and delivering presentations.  It is user-friendly and allows for customisation and flexibility.  Unfortunately, in many cases, the ability to create a PowerPoint presentation does not always equate to creating an effective presentation.

In order to save your audience from "death by PowerPoint," it is important to consider how and why you are using the tool.  The video below addresses some issues with using PowerPoint more effectively.

 Free PowerPoint tutorials are available from the Goodwill Community Foundation and can be accessed via the internet.

Prezi is an alternative format for delivering presentations other than using PowerPoint.  Prezi is a free, web-based virtual whiteboard that transforms presentations from monologues into conversations: enabling people to see, understand, and remember ideas.  As with PowerPoint, images, charts, audio and video can be incorporated into Prezi presentations.  

For information about creating a Prezi, visit their website or watch an introductory video. 

Additional Presentation Tools

There are other means of creating visual presentations beyond PowerPoint and Prezi, including:

You may also decide that a whiteboard or flipchart is more appropriate for your presentation.  Ultimately, it is important that you use presentation tools and/or software you are comfortable with and can use efficiently.