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Portfolio - ATK

Collecting Evidence

Because your portfolio must include a collection of artifacts and documents to demonstrate your development, skills and abilities, you will need an array of cross-referenced evidence to support your claims.

Choosing the appropriate activities and work examples to include as evidence will depend on the purpose of your portfolio as well as your discipline or subject area.



If your portfolio is mapped against a framework or set of learning objectives, it is vital that you cross-reference your evidence with those particular aspects.  Clearly referencing your evidence to the framework allows for those assessing or viewing your portfolio to match the two more efficiently, as well as demonstrates a more clear link between the established criteria and what you have presented.

For electronic portfolios, you can easily cross-reference by hyperlinking appropriate evidence with the matching criteria or framework sections.

For print portfolios, ensure that you have provided a clear referencing system that links your evidence.  This may be in the form of a numbering system linking the evidence to the framework, an index, or map. 

Regardless of the referencing system you use for your evidence, your aim should be to provide your audience with clear links between the criteria and your evidence- without making it difficult or complicated.

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