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What is a reflective journal?

Before we can go into what a reflective journal is, we must first understand what it means to be reflective or be a reflective learner.

Reflective learning can be best described as "the capacity to reflect on action so as to engage in a process of continuous learning" (Schön, D. (1995)).

Watch the video clip below to see what Andy Ramsden (Former e-Learning Development Manager) has to say about being a reflective learner and how a reflective journal has helped facilitate those reflections.

Now we know a little bit more about being reflective, you should be able to see where a reflective journal comes into the portfolio as a whole.

A reflective journal will allow you to reflect and draw new plans or actions based on the evidence you have collected in your portfolio. A reflective journal, like any other journal can be something that is not only private to you, a place where you can articulate your thoughts on a given experience or evidence, but also can become evidence in itself.

Your journal can become proof that you have not only recorded evidence of doing something or achieving something, but also thoughts and reflections based on that evidence. It might show that you intend on doing something different next time or an understanding of what went wrong/right.