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Brightspace Staff Support

For the most part you will set up the assignment as would any other assignment. As well as our guidance, D2L created a useful guide on how to do this.

In the Submission & Completion section, set the Submission Type to Text submission. You may also want to set the Submissions to Only the most recent submission is kept. This will allow students to practice their assessment as many times as they need before the deadline. You can let students know that their final submission is the one that will be marked.

New assignment setup with the submission type and submission sections highlighted in a red box.


To submit their video assessment, students will see the Text Submission box. To submit their video assignment, they should select the Insert Stuff button from the toolbar. On the pop-up window, they will select Student Video Submissions (Panopto). We have a guide that takes students through How to Submit a Video Assignment. Students can record their assignment at this stage or upload a video they have made previously.

Please note: students will not be able to submit their assessment in any other way except through the Student Video Submissions option. Any other attempts to submit will not go through.

Students can also use the free online Panopto Express if they would like to get used to the platform.