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Apprenticeship Learning Support

First steps

Step 1

If you feel you may be at risk from having a learning disability please go to The Infozone and ask for an Adult Questionnaire.   Or talk to an Academic Skills Adviser who will be able to help. 

Step 2

Once you have completed the questionnaire please return the form to The Infozone. Your completed Questionnaire will be given to our specialists and they will email or call you to book a screening.

What is the difference between a screening and a full assessment?  

A screening is carried out to establish whether or not you MAY have a Learning Disability and takes approximately an hour. If the Assessor feels there is enough to suggest you may be at risk, reasonable adjustments can be put in place. 

A full assessment is carried out when there is sufficient evidence to suggest a learning difficulty exists. A full assessment takes approximately four hours and post assessment you will receive a detailed report. If the assessment reveals a learning disability this report will enable you to apply for the Learner Support Fund (LSF).

Do I have to pay for a full assessment?  

The cost to you is £100 and is payable in advance of the assessment.
You are of course welcome to have a private assessment and these generally cost between £350 and £450.