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Assignment Submissions

Previously, in Assignments, the search filter defaulted to Users with submissions for individual assignments and Submitted groups for group assignments. Now, lecturers will instead default to Show everyone for individual assignments and Show all groups for group assignments. These modified filters are the new default search option. After applying one of these default filters, instructors can apply additional filters to improve search optimisation.

Trying to find a list of students who have not submitted an assessment? Not sure if you've published feedback for all your students?

You can filter the list of students in Assignment Submissions to find out.

1. Click on the Assessment

In the assignment portal, click on the assessment you want to view.

Now you will have a list of students who are enrolled on your module.

2. Choose 'Show Search Options'

At the top of your list of students, you can find the 'Show Search Options'. Select this to unhide the filters.

3. Filter Student submissions

The default view is set to 'Show Everyone'. You can change this to show one of the following:

  • Show everyone
  • Users without submissions
  • Users with submissions
  • Users with preview submissions
  • Users with graded unpublished submissions

Select your filter option and choose 'Search'.

4. Filter feedback

You can also choose to filter a list of feedback. You have the following options:

  • Show everyone (default view)
  • Users with feedback
  • Users without feedback

Once you have selected your filter, choose 'Search'.