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Brightspace Staff Support

Monitoring Engagement and Attendance - Attendance Registers

Brightspace contains an attendance register tool that can be used to register and monitor your students as they attend live, in-person, or online sessions. 

The attendance register must be manually updated during each session with the register able to be exported for student data. 

Below you will find a step by step guide on how to set up and use the attendance register tool within your modules. They should be used with the default Attendance (Blended) attendance scheme that monitors student attendance with the following values:

  • C = On Campus 
  • O = Online 
  • AA = Authorised Absence 
  • X = Unauthorised Absence

Attendance is marked at 100% complete for all the above statuses except X (Unauthorsied Absence). Registers should be setup with a cause for concern setting of 90%, and students whose attendance falls below that should be contacted about their absence.