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Brightspace Staff Support

Monitoring Engagement

Brightspace offers you a few different ways to see how your learners are progressing, and how your modules are being used. In this section, we'll talk you through what is available to you.

Our approach to monitoring engagement and attendance

Our measure of engagement includes:

  1. attendance for live teaching sessions including all types of lesson timetabled. 
  2. interaction with all online materials and completion of activities at student level.
  3. attendance for embedded activities including those delivered through guest lectures, field trips, Library and Learning services and Careers, Employability and Enterprise workshops. 
  4. participation in activities provided as extra / co-curricular activities delivered, for example, by Student Life,  Library and Learning services and Careers, Employability and Enterprise.

Recording of engagement and attendance

The University is working towards the establishment of a digital campus which includes the ability to track presence across campus. In the short term, a new platform is being implemented and will be launched for 2022-2023. This platform enables codes to be created for each learning session or activity on or off campus that students are expected to attend and participate in. Students will expected to use the code to register their presence using an internet-enabled device. 

The data from registrations will be gathered and made available through dashboards. These will also include wider engagement data, as well as usage data (e.g., library resources, meetings with Learning and Teaching Librarians, Academic Skills Advisors and Careers Employability and Enterprise Consultants. these can be used as part of Personal Academic Coaching conversations. 

Data dashboards and monitoring roll out

The new Checkin+ platform and dashboards will be rolled out between September and November 2022, with data dashboards released at the same time. These will be further enhanced with other learner data as it is integrated into Power Bi. This will include other data as listed above in our measures of engagement. 

Timeline for rollout

Rollout for engagement and attendance platform and dashboards
Apprenticeships 26th September 2022
Level 4 24th October 2022
Remaining years and levels of study 21st November 2022