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Brightspace Staff Support

Module Templates

We have rolled out module templates for Ipswich and some partner institutions. There are several reasons why templates have been installed on most new Brightspace Modules across the University of Suffolk.  The templates align to the Brightspace Baseline Standard:

Save you time

Instead of having to create a folder structure and content, such as a module introduction page, this has already been done for you.

You still need to customise the content within these files with the specifications for your module, but you no-longer need to copy in content from elsewhere, or create new folders and files each time you create a module.


By standardising the structure, students will be more familiar with the layout across multiple modules, making it easier and faster for them to navigate to the content they need.

Model of Good Practice

The file structure has been created according to instructional design best practises, containing signposting features and narrative flow. By following the structure of the templates, Brightspace modules should enable students to better grasp the flow of the module and how different sections link together.

Also, the pre-made content files are created with the latest accessibility features and can act as a model for further content creation.

To find out more about the use of module template you can access further support here.