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Brightspace Staff Support

Guidance and development resources 

The impact of COVID-19 on our academic offer will be felt throughout the 2020-2021 academic year. We are committed to ensuring our staff understand how to get the best out of learning online and in blended modes and to supporting development to achieve this. We are also committed to continuing to take the learning and improvements that the COVID-19 crisis has forced on us into our future for the benefit of students and our wider community as we continue to be a transformational force within Suffolk and the wider region. 

Developing content in Brightspace and using tools and instructional design effectively is critical to the production of a high quality learning experience. It can also make the learning and teaching experience more fulfilling. The university recognises that this move to blended learning requires academic staff to learn new skills in the OLE and is committed to providing support to ensure all staff can continue to offer an excellent learning, teaching and assessment experience for students. 

A series of ‘Digipath’ learning modules are being created in Brightspace which all teaching staff should complete. At the end of each completed Digipath, a certificate of completion will be produced which should be uploaded to Actus, as part of the annual CPD record.  


A preview of the DigiPath programme | Transcript available



Subsequent modules will cover: 

  • Module 3: communication, collaboration and participation 
  • Module 4: productivity and Proficiency 
  • Module 5: creation and Innovation 
  • Module 6: digital Identity and Wellbeing 
  • Module 7:  information, data and media literacy