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Slido is a great tool you can use both online or in a face to face scenario to ask questions of your audience, vote in polls and be a part of the discussion by using a simple Q&A and polling tool.

An example of how to use this tool might be a scenario where you want to gauge some mid-lecture understanding by initiating a live Poll. This can be done by students in the lecture space on campus using their own mobile devices. This is particularly engaging for students who might not be comfortable raising their hand to answer or engage normally.

Slido can also be used in a hybrid lecture where you could have students both online and face to face. Why not use the open text feature by posing a question and letting the students respond freely both in the lecture space and remotely? This might be useful for gathering mid-lecture feedback and steering where you go next in the session for instance.

Slido can also be used for events or conferences to allow audiences participate in similar activities.

If you wish to access Slido please email to get started.


How to use Slido

The following quick guide will introduce you to Slido's interface and how you can set up and share a basic poll for use in an event or teaching. More guidance on how to use all the features of Slido is included in the Slido Academy (which is available on the Slido Homepage when you log into your account) and various help functions throughout the Slido platform.

You can also find a whole host of tutorial videos on the Slido Youtube channel