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How to create an announcement

Announcements are the primary way of communicating with your students on Brightspace. You can create an announcement either by starting on the module homepage, as I'll show you below, or by navigating to the Announcements tool from the navbar or the Control Panel.

A video tutorial is located just below, and text instructions with screenshots below that.

1. From the module homepage, click on the dropdown menu next to ‘Announcements’ and select ‘New Announcement’. 

new announcement menu item

2. Type your headline. Then, add your announcement content in the HTML editor.

announcement headline and html editor3. Set the availability settings for your announcement. After the end date, the announcement is hidden but not deleted. This means that you can subsequently restore it if you need to.

announcement availability settings4. Add any attachments that you wish to attach. When they have completed uploading, they will display as below in a blue background with an 'X' that allows you to remove the attachment.

announcement attachments5. If you wish to add any release conditions, you can do so at this point. Once you're happy with your announcement, select the 'Publish' button.

announcement release conditions and update button6. Finally, if you return to the module homepage, you'll be able to confirm that your announcement has been published.

finished announcement