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How to create a draft submission point

This tutorial is a point of reference for the benefit of course administrators, or administrators at our partner institutions who have responsibility for the setting up of assignment submission points. If you're a lecturer on a course with a designated course administrator, please speak to your course administrator if you need any submission points to be set up.

1. Navigate to the Assignments area, by selecting ‘Assessment’ from the navbar and choosing ‘Assignments’.

location of assessment and assignments2. Create a new assignment button

3. For ‘Instructions, refer to ‘Standard wording for Brightspace submission folders’ and amend if necessary.

assignment insttructions


4. ‘Assignment Type’, ‘Submission Type’ and ‘Files Allowed Per Submission’, the settings should be the same as the final (non-draft) submission point.

assignment submission details

5. Under ‘Submissions’, leave as ‘All submissions are kept’ for level 3, 4  & 5 modules. For level 6 and 7 modules, select ‘Only one submission allowed’.

number of submissions

6. The ‘Category’ will need to be ‘DRAFT Submissions’. If you’ve already created this category, select it from the dropdown menu. If not, double-check that it doesn’t already exist, before selecting ‘New Category’ and naming it ‘DRAFT Submissions’.

assignment category


7. For ‘Score Out Of’ – just put 100. As this assignment won’t be graded, it doesn’t matter.

8. Do not associate to a grade item. (Grade Items are for the summative assignment submissions).

9. Anonymous marking is mandatory for all summative assessments from January 2021. To do this, make sure that 'Hide students names during assessment' is ticked. If this is not needed, leave unticked.

10. Leave the other options as their default values and move to the 'Restrictions' tab.

11. Set an end date, which will generally be for the end of the academic year. This is important because, depending on the students' level, they will be allowed fewer draft submissions in the next year of their study, but will still be able to access this module and submission point. If your module ends at a different time, or students still need it open for slightly longer, modify the date accordingly.

12. Move to the ‘Turnitin’ tab. turnitin tab

13. Check the box for ‘Enable GradeMark’ for this folder.

14. Leave the ‘Transfer’ option as normal.

15. Check the box for ‘Enable Originality Check for this folder’.

16. Check the box for ‘Allow learners to see Turnitin similarity scores in their submission folder’.

17. For ‘Frequency’, leave it as it is.

18. Select ‘More Options in Turnitin’.

turnitin details19. Select ‘Optional Settings’

more turnitin options

20. IMPORTANT. Under ‘Submit papers to’, change it to ‘Do not store the submitted papers’. If this option isn’t changed, their final (non-draft) assignment will result in a very high similarity score, as they would in effect have plagiarized themselves.

21. Leave all other options as they are. (Do not be tempted to save these settings for future use, as this would affect the creation of final assignment points).

22. Select ‘Submit’.

more turnitin options

23. Select ‘Save and Close’.

location of save and close