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How to create a submission point

This tutorial is a point of reference for the benefit of course administrators, or administrators at our partner institutions who have responsibility for the setting up of assignment submission points. If you're a lecturer on a course with a designated course administrator, please speak to your course administrator if you need any submission points set up.

1. Navigate to the Assignments area, by selecting ‘Assessment’ from the navbar and choosing ‘Assignments’.

location of assessment and assignments2. Create a new assignment button

3. For ‘Instructions, refer to ‘Standard wording for Brightspace submission folders’ and amend if necessary.

assignment details


4. ‘Assignment Type’ will generally be 'individual assignment'. ‘Submission Type’ will generally be 'File submission' and ‘Files Allowed Per Submission’, should generally be set to Unlimited.

assignment submission details

5. Under ‘Submissions’, select 'Only the most recent submission is kept'.

Only the most recent submission

6. Choose the right category for the assignment, if necessary.

assignment category


7. ‘Score Out Of’ should generally be set to 100.

8. IMPORTANT: Set the grade item for the assignment. If this is a summative assignment, it will need a grade item. A grade item is the link between an assignment and the gradebook, which is used for final grades. If you need to set up a new grade item, follow the steps on this tutorial to do so: [TUTORIAL LINK HERE]

9. Leave the other options as they are. It's important that ‘Make annotation tools available for assessment’ is selected so that lecturers can give feedback within Brightspace itself.

evaluation and feedback options

10. Back at the top of the page, move to the ‘Restrictions' tab.

restrictions tab location

11. Make sure that 'Hide from Users' is not selected.

12. Set the Due Date in accordance with the Module Specification.

13. Set the Start Date. This is generally fourteen days before the due date.

14. Set the End Date. This is generally five days after the due date.

15. Move to the Turnitin tab.

assessment restriction options

16. Check the box for ‘Enable GradeMark’ for this folder. You'll need to wait a few seconds while Brightspace syncs with Turnitin before the rest of the options become available.

17. Leave the ‘Transfer’ option as normal.

18. Check the box for ‘Enable Originality Check for this folder’.

19. Make sure that the box for ‘Allow learners to see Turnitin similarity scores in their submission folder’ is unchecked. (Students don't see their similiarity reports for final submissions).

20. For ‘Frequency’, leave it as it is.

21. Select 'Save and Close'.

turnitin options