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How to create a topic

Choosing the option to ‘Create a File’ in Brightspace is the main way of adding a new ‘topic’ to the module. They can be placed inside a folder or subfolder, and can display a wide range of elements within the one page.

1. Select content from the navbar of the module.

location of content on the navbar2. From the sidebar, select the folder in which you want to add the topic.

location of the sidebar

3. Select the 'Upload/Create' button, and choose 'Create a File'.

create a file4. Give the topic a title.

selecting the title5. Choose a document template that best suits what you will use this page for. Note: Brightspace will have to clear any content that you’ve inputted in the file when you change the document template. If you need to switch, copy the content that you need to keep. Paste it back in by right-clicking and selecting ‘Paste as plain text’ (in Google Chrome).

select a template6. Input your content using the HTML editor.

html editor outline7. Once you're happy with your content, you can publish it. If you're not ready for it to be seen, you can save it as a draft by ticking the 'Hide from Users' box. Either way, select 'Save and Close' when you're done.

hide from users box and save and close button

8. The next screen will show what the topic looks like normally, along with some options for you at the bottom. You can set date restrictions, add a description, or, if you load up the completion summary tab, see who has viewed the content and who has not.

normal topic display