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Monitoring Engagement in Brightspace: Your Module

The Module Insights Widget

On the homepage of your module, you will see a widget called Module Insights. This gives you a quick overview of how your module is being used.

The first thing to note here is that it immediately tells you how many people have accessed your module today, and shows a visual for access over the past week:

module insights widgetBeyond that, you’ve got three options. 

Class Engagement

This will give you an overview of each student’s current grade, when they last accessed the module, and how much they’ve engaged in discussions.

module insights - class engagement

Course Access

This will give you an overview of how often the module has been accessed over time. On the right of the picture, you’ll note that you can change the date range for the graph, or filter by the role of the user.

module insights - course access

Tool Access

This gives you a breakdown of which tools are being accessed within your module. Use of a wider range of tools generally signifies greater engagement with a module.

module insights - tool access

The Table of Contents Reports

Navigate to Content, select Table of Contents from the sidebar, and you’ll see a dropdown menu called Related Tools. Selecting View Reports will give you an overview of how many of your students have viewed each topic, and the average time that they view it for.

related tools - view reports

The number in the column for Users Visited is a link. If you click it, you will get more detail about engagement with that particular content item. As you can see, this is one way of discovering if a particular user has visited a certain topic, but there are other ways to do that which we cover in our guide for monitoring the engagement of an individual.

student access overview