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How to add a description to a folder

Adding descriptions to folders and topics in Brightspace is one of the main ways that you can make the module more accessible for students. It’s an important step, but is often overlooked.

They can be used to provide context or instructions for students. With folders, it's a good idea to give your students a sense of how long it may take them to work through the materials.

A video tutorial is located just below, and text instructions with screenshots below that.

1. Select ‘Content’ from the navbar in your module.

location of content on the navbar

2. In the sidebar, select the folder to which you’d like to add the description. Here, I have chosen the folder ‘Week 1’.

location of the sidebar

3. Select ‘Add a description’. This will load the HTML editor.

location of the description field

4. Add the description text in the HTML editor.

outline of the html editor

5. Add an image. This is useful because the image will display as a thumbnail for the folder on the module homepage.

location of the add an image button

6. Select ‘Update’.

location of the update button