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Curriculum Design

Further Support 

For further guidance and advice you are invited to: 

  • Explore the Digipath provision on Brightspace to explore how our OLE can be effectively employed to support students’ learning and assessment.  Digipath 1 and Digipath 2 are already available, further instalments are in preparation and are expected to be published in the next few weeks.  You can access more Brightspace support material in this guide.

  • Contact the Educational Developer, Dr Andrew Revitt for advice and support in exploring learning, teaching and assessment strategies. 

  • Contact Aaron Burrell for advice and guidance on how to best use our online learning environment to enable blended learning approaches and to encourage the formation of learning communities. 

  • Consider booking a development session for your team to enable you to explore how the Block and Blend pedagogy can be effectively implemented for your courses, please contact either Andrew or Aaron to organise.