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Continuing Professional Development

  • Mandatory / Optional Events

     September - November 2020

    A programme of developmental support events to help course teams prepare.  Sessions include:

  • Draft Submission

     2 weeks prior to Mock Panel event

    Submission of draft documents for review.

  • Mock Panel

     December 2020 - January 2021

    Quality Assurance and CELT Executive and required Professional Services members to:

    • Review of good quality draft documentation of course handbook
    • Assessment strategy
    • Adoption of block and blend
    • In depth presentation of at least one module at each level in Brightspace
  • Final Document Submission

     6 weeks prior to Validation Panel event

    Course team to submit final documentation to Validations team.

  • Validation Panel Event

     February - April 2021

    A validation / reapproval panel will be convened.