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Personal Academic Coach

This guide provides information and guidance for the University's Personal Academic Coach approach to personal tutorials.

Our baseline commitment

Our baseline commitment includes:

  • That all new undergraduate and postgraduate students will be allocated a Personal Academic Coach post enrolment. For undergraduate this includes Foundation Year / Level 3/Level 0; Level 4 / Year 1, as well as direct entry to Level 5 / Year 2 and Level 6 / Year 3. The PAC model will be explained to new entrants as part of their induction and welcome to the University.
  • That in Year 1 / Level 4 or Year 0 / Level 3 (or Level 5 / Year 2, Level 6/ Year 3 for direct entry) they will meet with their PAC during, the first two weeks of Semester 1 in order to help get them off to a good start and to settle in.
  • That they will remain with the same coach, where possible, through the duration of their studies, to build effective relationships and feel that their individual journey is well understood.
  • If appropriate, for Year 3 / Level 6 the role of PAC may be combined with that of Dissertation or Independent Project Supervisor. PAC activity must however take a holistic approach considering whole course performance and professional / career support not just on that module.
  • That for all years there will be a minimum of two one-to-one meetings a year with their PAC on the pattern outlined.
  • Individual student tutorial sessions will be approx. 30 minutes duration.
  • A record of the sessions should be generated by the student with a copy given to the coach.
  • That these sessions are formally timetabled within the course to avoid clashes with taught sessions.
  • That the coaching sessions provide a space for holistic reflection on course progress, goal setting and future learning strategies, assessment and feedback, making the most of the careers opportunities and co-curricular offer at the University, to build learner confidence and personal capacity.

Pattern and timing of meetings

The University of Suffolk model for PAC adopts the following pattern of meetings:

  • During or shortly after induction: a group or individual tutorial where each student will be allocated and meet their Personal Academic Coach, agree expectations and timings of meetings.
  • During or shortly after induction: a group or individual session where each student will be meet their Personal Academic Coach, agree expectations and timings for future meetings.
  • After feedback from the first assessment: an individual student meeting, immersive learning and the first points of assessment.
  • Late March/early April: an individual student meeting when grades should be available for work completed in the first part of the academic year.

Note: This applies to undergraduate students studying in an Academic Year pattern of September/October to May/June. It is recognised that some courses have different start dates and durations will not follow this. These can necessarily adopt a different pattern, but must adhere to the number of meetings, duration of sessions and documentation.