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Creating durable links: Creating durable links

How to create stable links to use in your Brightspace modules

Creating links

Creating durable links to articles and eBooks

If a resource is available electronically it should be linked to rather than adding the content directly to the Brightspace module.  This way you are less likely to infringe on copyright or individual license agreements.

This page provides guidance to academic staff who want to create links to Library resources in Brightspace

For further guidance on using links please contact Learning Services

Creating links to journal articles (by database)

Creating links to databases


All the links on our A-Z of databases page are persistent links meaning you can simply copy and paste any you would like to use

  1. From the A-Z list find the database you would like to link to
  2. Right click on the database title/name
  3. Select 'Copy link address'

The technical bit

Off-campus URL creator

When creating links to publications from library databases in most cases copying the URL from the browser's address window will work but you need to ensure that any link you use contains a University of Suffolk proxy. Generally this is found at the beginning of a URL, for example: ( but it may also be within the url: (

If you find a stable URL from a University of Suffolk-only resource that does not include the required University of Suffolk proxy you can use the URL creator below to make a link

Browser does not support script.


This link is accessible to off-campus computers/users with their University of Suffolk username and password


Please ensure the link is working before you add it to Brightspace by clicking ‘Visit this URL’ link or copying and pasting the URL into the address bar of your web browser.