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David Mullett

David's Profile

David Mullett's Bio

My role as the Digital Learning Opportunities Manager focuses on working closely with staff, students and researchers to encourage, enable and evaluate the use of technology in learning and teaching. In particular, to;

  • Help staff to integrate innovative technologies to enhance their teaching programmes
  • Support the effective use of a multitude of classroom technologies and online technologies such as our Online Learning Environment (Brightspace)
  • Evaluate the impact of enhancements on the student learning experience
  • Develop and pilot ways to enhance and develop learning through innovative technologies
  • Develop rich and engaging distance learning content

I also support the Digital Learning Systems Manager in their role of
 managing the various learning environments within the institution, ensuring the University of Suffolk has appropriate, fit for purpose systems and processes allowing both the institution and its people to grow in a digital society.

Professional Qualifications
  • Certified Member of the Association of Learning Technology (CMALT)
  • ITILv3 Foundation
  • Professional Certificate in eLearning
Interests Outside of University of Suffolk

With maybe an apparent fondness of technology and gadgets, I'm currently working towards a 'Smart' home introducing the 'Internet of Things' (IoT) to everyday life. I've have setup an enterprise based network solution to cater for all of the connected devices and have many automations which are triggered throughout the house including automatic lights, an enhanced security mode when no one is home and a connected smart fire/smoke/c02 detection system.

At the polar opposite of my interests in technology is my love of the outdoors, I have a large allotment with chickens and I have got permission on a local piece of woodland where I have built a semi-permanent bushcraft shelter where I go and spent some down time practicing fire starting, wood work and camping out in the open.

I enjoy all of this with my partner and my two children, Jared who is four and Sienna is coming on for two.