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Depy Makri

My role is scaffolding students at any level, from any subject background to achieve their best, when during your studies you are supposed to use mathematical knowledge and skills. You can come to my sessions if you need to refresh, enhance, strengthen your mathematical skills, to resolve a maths-related difficulty, to get advice when working out problem sets or you revising towards a written exam or presentation. You can come along in any of the drop-in sessions or book your place in our maths-related workshop or subject-specific tutorial.  You can furthermore book a 1-2-1 appointment with me. 

I am a theoretical physicist by training, and I have recently presented my thesis on Symmetries of Stochastic Differential Equations at the University of Essex, as a part of an MSc in mathematics. I have been teaching mathematics and physics to Y12 and Y13 students for more than 25 years most of which years were in Greece where I came from. I have been teaching Further and A level mathematics in the U.K. since 2016.  I have also tutored undergraduate students in Engineering Mechanics 

My research interest remains in the area of Differential equations and their symmetries. As an educator though I am interested in mathematical cognition, as well as the learning and thinking styles we exhibit when we study mathematics. I am a "Socratic learning" advocator and I do believe in lifelong learning.